Kiki Guerrero started tattooing in Salt lake City, Utah over eight years ago at a studio call “Underground Ink”. Kiki studied art perspective, oil painting, watercolor, air brush, and human figure in college, giving him a wide understanding of art in general and the leadership to guide his artists to explore, study, and achieve there artistic goals.

Kiki’s love of tattoos has taken him all over the world, giving him the understanding that providing a hygienic, clean, and safe studio is of the utmost importance to his clients. Kiki takes this to a level that can be appreciated when you visit the Vallarta Ink Studio.

Kiki’s diverse love of art, his experience, and his artistic scholastics has given Kiki the tools necessary to recruit the best artistic talent, to his Vallarta Ink Shop, giving you, the customer, the confidence that your tattoo is being done by a talented tattoo artist that has the sanitary training and skills to give you a safe, breath taking tattoo, which you will be happy with forever.

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