My love for creating art began as a child and hasn’t stopped since. As far back as I can remember, I was always drawing. When I was 7 years old, I started formal oil painting instruction. These activities continued into college where I studied Visual Arts. I kept exploring and pushing my skills further and found myself being featured in a few collective art exhibitions. Around that time, I began working in the Art Restoration field where I got in touch with classical art and the strict techniques it requires. Enriched by that experience, my mind searched for new outlets of artistic expression.

That opportunity arrived when I was accepted as an apprentice at ‘Por Amor al Arte’ Tattoo studios in Playa del Carmen. I immediately knew I had found my calling. I spent the next two years apprenticing In Playa del Carmen and Mexico City, all while maintaining my art restoration career! I was then ready for the next step – moving to Cozumel to begin work as a full time professional at ‘Maya Tattoo’. My pursuit of tattooing as a high art form has taken me to many interesting places and unique studios. I continue to expand my tattoo techniques with the help of the amazingly talented people that surround me, and benefiting from the pursuit of disciplines in classic and contemporary art. Oil painting, Acrylics, watercolor, and experimental media continue to play a huge role in my life, often in the form of murals.

My artistic aim is always to skillfully play with many different styles so i can give my customers an original and unique piece of art that fits their vision. I strongly believe and work from the idea that Tattoo Art is not a trend or a social mark, but simply “Art” in one of its finest forms. Tattooing is a very personal form of expression, where the final result is not only in the hands of the artist but the customers as well. In that spirit, a lot of my job is listening and giving advice. So please, come in and tell me what’s on your mind; together with your idea and my 12 years of tattoo experience, we will create your very own piece of walking art.

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~Zaza Vera,2012